m-Commerce Transaction Security & Authentication Technology

• Online Anti-Fraud
• Multi-Channel Transaction Authentication
• Extending user friendly 3DS to mobile (4DS)
• Increase transactions

Enabling Frictionless, Fraudless Mobile Commerce


Addressing the growth of Card Not Present fraud represents a significant challenge for issuing banks. The m:Cypher® Transaction Authentication platform for m-Commerce fully authenticates all mobile transactions, protects mobile payment revenues from intermediaries, is a user-friendly extension of 3D Secure to mobile (4DS) and provides virtual Chip and PIN authentication for all m-Commerce transactions resulting in:

  • Reduced Fraud Levels;
  • Reduced Chargebacks;
  • Reduced Fraud/Chargeback Costs;
  • Reduced False ‘Positives’


The m:Cypher® Transaction Authentication platform reduces the level of fraud and chargebacks (and their costs) associated with current mobile transactions whilst increasing transactions. m:Cypher® creates a competitive advantage for Acquirers with:

  • Reduced Fraud Levels & Costs;
  • Reduced Chargebacks & Costs;
  • Increased Transaction Volumes;
  • Enhance Existing Platforms;
  • New Revenue Opportunities;

Payment Processors

The m:Cypher® mobile Transaction Authentication platform creates a trusted relationship between their mobile device, the installed mobile App and the card holder. m:Cypher® uses Multi Factor Authentication with one factor being visible to the end user as part of the transaction authentication process. As each transaction is ‘fingerprinted’ and then multi-factor authenticated, fraudulent transactions are discarded prior to payment processing. This ‘pre-processing’ of transactions reduces performance bottlenecks which ensures a good end-user experience with payment processing times.


The m:Cypher® mobile Transaction Authentication platform offers a Payment Service Providers with a distinct differentiation when front-ended to their Payment Gateway. By implementing m:Cypher®, PSPs can offer a competitive advantage to their merchants by having reduced fraud/costs, increased transactions and reduced chargebacks. This is achieved by ‘extending’ the Payment Gateway to the mobile channel to address:

  • Repudiation Issues;
  • Hacking Exposure;
  • PCI Compliance & Costs;
  • Data Protection Compliance;


m:Cypher® enables single-step mobile checkout which results in reduced checkout abandonment and increased conversion. m:Cypher® enabled mobile Apps give customers a simple, secure user-friendly checkout feature for a frictionless transacting experience. m:Cypher® enables m-Commerce anytime, anyplace and delivers increased revenues by:

  • Increasing mobile purchasing conversion rates;
  • Reducing abandonment levels;
  • Higher average order values (AOV);
  • Increased order volumes;
  • Creating a trusted 1-2-1 merchant/client relationship;
  • Extending PCI compliance to the mobile channel;

App Developers

For App Developers, m:Cypher® is an SDK for both Android and iOS that allows the easy integration of secure mobile payments into native and web apps. Apps enabled with m:Cypher® address many of the issues such as a poor checkout user experience which results in low conversion levels as well as high abandonment rates. Enhancing an App with m:Cypher® addresses:

  • Ease-of-Use problems;
  • Concerns over security of personal & financial details;
  • Poor performance due to limited bandwidth;
  • PCI compliance requirements for the mobile channel;