For Developers

Mobile apps agencies and developers specialise in creating powerful User eXperience (UX) for their customers – the key ingredient of a successful mobile app.  Retail applications need also to be highly transactional, but due to a lack of industry standards around mobile PCI compliance, most developers are forced to push end users out of the app into the retailer’s website check out. This results in;

  • Extremely high shopping cart abandonment – approximately 90% of all mobile transactions are abandoned
  • A poor user and brand experience – dropping out of app to a browser or frame
  • Reduced stickiness – customers simply take their business elsewhere

How do we help?

Actus Mobile transforms mobile check-out, providing a simple SDK for developers that can be seamlessly integrated into the shopping experience enable completely secure mobile check-out within native and web apps.

  • Single step for the consumer to complete a secure, mobile payment
  • Simple integration for merchants with payment mechanisms
  • Simple SDK for merchants and apps developers to integrate secure, mobile payments into native and web apps.

The effect?

  • Increase mobile revenues: easier monetisation of the apps you deliver
  • Reduce risk: deliver PCI compliant apps
  • Enhanced user experience: provide a frictionless mobile payment experience

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