For Gaming

Gaming companies are investing heavily in mobile and seeing significant growth in this channel, but are they maximising mobile revenues and addressing critical risks of fraud and repudiation?

A seamless user experience is fundamental to a successful mobile gaming strategy, but the user journey is often interrupted at checkout, forcing users out of an app into the supplier’s standard website to complete the transaction.

Furthermore, gaming companies are seeing increasing levels of fraud and repudiation on the mobile device and need to take steps to establish the veracity of every transaction.

How do we help?

Actus Mobile delivers a simple and secure mobile payment platform for gaming companies, ensuring minimal abandonment as mobile users refresh their account or respond to offers and promotions in real-time. We believe that  mobile payment must be simple, seamless and secure to maximise mobile transactions in the Gaming sector.

Actus Mobile works with leading gaming companies such as The Tote, to ensure their mobile strategy provides an excellent customer experience. For native app users we recommend seamless and secure payment capability – embedded within the app – and the use of in-app notifications to refresh the betting account and respond to promotions, offers and time-sensitive transactions such as bet in-play. For web app users, a combination of outbound SMS messaging linking directly to a web app has also proven to be a highly successful strategy.

Non-repudiation is provided through the ability of m:Cypher to establish a unique bond between the gaming company, the mobile and its owner.

The effect?

  • Increase mobile revenues: streamlining account top-up and bets in-play.
  • Reduce risk: m:Cypher extends non-repudiation to the mobile channel.

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