For Merchants

Merchants, especially multi-channel Retailers, can clearly see that a significant percentage of their traffic is migrating to mobile devices; overall this trend is forecast to represent 25% of all online shopping by 2016, however for some verticals such as Fashion and Luxury goods the percentage is even higher. As a result merchants are investing heavily in mobile strategies and mobile optimised content.

A seamless, end-to-end user experience is fundamental to a successful mobile strategy, but due to a lack of industry standards around mobile payment and PCI compliance this user journey is interrupted at checkout, often forcing end users out of the app onto the merchant’s website check-out to complete the transaction. This results in:

  • Extremely high shopping cart abandonment – approximately 90% of all mobile transactions are abandoned
  • A poor user and brand experience – dropping out of app to a browser or frame
  • Reduced stickiness – customers simply take their business elsewhere
  • Lack of security and potential loss of personal data

Many merchants are choosing to adopt third-party payment mechanisms such as PayPal to Google Wallet. Such dis-intermediation, while simplifying payment for some, breaks the direct relationship between the merchant and their customer.

How do we help?

Actus Mobile’s secure mobile payment standard is seamlessly integrated into the shopping experience, enabling completely secure mobile check-out within native and web apps.

  • m:Cypher provides a single step for the consumer to complete a secure, in-line mobile transaction.
  • m:Cypher extends PCI compliance to mobile commerce
  • Simple integration tools for merchants and their developers and seamless integration into payment service providers.

The effect?

  • Increase mobile revenue: a small reduction in abandonment (for example from 90% to 85%) will increase m-Commerce Revenue by 50%.
  • Reduce risk: m:Cypher extends PCI compliance to the mobile channel.
  • Reduce costs: fewer chargebacks and lower transaction fees
  • Know your customer: Secure Mobile Engagement

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