Location Based Marketing / Advertising

Location Based Advertising on mobile phones offers a significant new opportunity for advertisers. Not only are smartphones always with us, always on, and always connected, they also provide location as an important additional context. Actus Mobile takes location-based services an important step further by understanding where a customer is inside a shopping centre, shop or airport concessionaire using a combination of Smart Mapping, Proximity Marketing and Directional Search/Augmented Reality technologies.

Actus Mobile also understands the customer’s purchase  intents. From shopping lists, products scanned and past shopping  behaviour, a customer’s shopping intentions can be determined. Combining  customer intent with knowledge of their exact location provides an  exceptional and valuable customer engagement opportunity. Being  able to engage your target customers with the knowledge of what they are  doing and where they are doing it is a powerful innovation. You can  send your customers a very targeted special offer, advertisement, or  details about your products and an offer to sign up for further information.