Actus Mobile has developed a secure, encrypted mobile transaction platform – m:Cypher® which prevents online fraud and solves these key issues by providing a closed-loop secure eco-system for any mobile & wireless device that:

  • Replaces SSL/TLS with source authenticated Point-2-Point Encryption (P2PE);
  • Preventing fraud & ID theft through fully validated, trusted relationships;
  • Provide secure, single-step transactions which enables significant growth in mobile transaction volumes & revenues;
  • Fully authenticating all transactions;
  • Providing a user-friendly alternative to 3D Secure (4DS);
  • Delivering PCI compliance to the mobile channel;


In addition m:Cypher®  secures transactions that are performed in-app, or through a web-view/web browser and prevents:

  • SSL/TLS intrusion;
  • Malicious code injection (e.g. java script, native, HTML, etc.);
  • Man-In-the-Middle attacks;
  • Traffic monitoring & hijacking;
  • Viewing of HTML source;
  • Code tracing;

The Actus Mobile m:Cypher® secure mobile transaction platform, which has been in development since 2007, is a disruptive technology which runs on all mobile phones and devices upon which a wide-range of easy-to-use and secure mobile-enabled applications can be built for deployment across any mobile/wireless device in any market sector. m:Cypher® protects all data regardless of type (e.g. financial, personal, business, access, message etc.) while on the mobile/wireless device and in-flight thus preventing fraudulent access.

Apps developed using the m:Cypher® Mobile Security Platform provide Native In-App and/or On Device,

  • Express Secure payment
  • A Simple, Secure user experience
  • User friendly alternative to 3DS (4DS)
  • A Virtual Chip & Pin
  • Non-repudiation for all transactions
  • Mobile Transaction Fingerprinting