Actus Mobile’s m:Cypher platform is the secure mobile standard for frictionless mobile commerce.  It extends secure end-to-end transactions on over 95% of all phones currently on the market.

Using Four-Factor Authentication (4FA) and Non-Repudiation technologies, m:Cypher secures the transfer of any data, e.g. personal identity information, payment, transactions,  medical records, bets in-play or account top ups, etc securely through the mobile device.

A selection of customers worldwide include The Tote, Dubai International Airport, Multi Mall in Portugal and Spain and Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Increase conversion.

  • m:Cypher provides a secure, single step, mobile payment capability that integrates seamlessly with industry standard payment platforms.

Reduce risk

  • Extend PCI compliance to the mobile channel
  • Extend non-repudiation to the mobile channel

Know your customer

  • m:cypher creates a unique bond between the merchant and the mobile user.

Brochure Graphic mCypher Flow

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